About the author

Janet Sloss

A part time resident of Menorca since 1969, Janet Sloss has produced three books on the island’s history.
For her biography of Governor Kane, her research went from the Public Record Office, the British Library and the National Army Museum to field trips in France and Belgium for Marlborough’s battles and to Dunkirk for Kane’s administration of the town during a British occupation.
For “A Small Affair”, she combed the resources of the National Library in Paris and the French Army Library in Vincennes.
Research for “Exit Britannia” is based on the copious files of the Public Record Office, on Town Hall archives in Menorca and the records of the peace treaty in Amiens, France.

She became a self-publisher to publish “Richard Kane, Governor of Menorca” and “A Small Affair”, and became an online publisher to publish “Exit Britannia”. Two further manuscripts await action.

During her years on Menorca, Janet Sloss discovered and restored a colonial house built in 1725 by a British officer. Its name, Son Bonaventura, became the name of her publishing business and its image the logo.

Sales and distribution of her books are now from her home in Gloucestershire where she lived many years with her husband. Janet died on June 19th 2014, aged 88.