Richard Kane

Governor of Minorca

By Janet Sloss


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Richard Kane Governor of Minorca - cover

From the introduction:
Richard Kane's career spanned two very different centuries in Great Britain. At the end of the seventeenth century, it was a fairly uninfluential island kingdom just emerging from a century of fierce conflict in religion and politics; and conditions in the Ireland of Kane's youth were little easier than the squalor and misery of the Middle Ages. At his life's end, Great Britain was a country of free institutions, giving its people peace, order and a vast improvement in everyday life. Kane participated in the change and, in his small corner, advanced the reasonable and civilized course of the eighteenth century. From his early army career, he left a training manual that consolidated the formal rules of contemporary warfare and gave him the reputation of the foremost military tactician of the day. From his later career as governor of a British dependency in the Mediterranean, he left a legacy of justice and order that was highly unusual at the time and is honoured to this day.
- Janet Sloss -

Foreword By Nicholas Parsons:
It seems the British have a tendency to ignore their heroes. Even superheroes are often belittled with the passing of time. An unsung hero to whom this country owes a great deal is almost unknown in Britiain, and yet is remembered and revered in a Mediterranean island which was a British colony for most of the eighteenth century. Even today the people of Menorca speak with warmth and respect of Richard Kane, who governed there with great humanity and justice. They have put up a memorial to him, his portrait hangs in the Town Hall of the capital, Mahon, and the Island Council has spent millions of pesetas to restore "Kane's Road" which he built to traverse the island.
This delightful book, written with great warmth and scholarly insight, is the result of in-depth research about an amazing and exceptional man. A compelling read for those who wish to discover more of the history of their country and those who shaped it. Janet Sloss - an American! - has elevated Richard Kane to the place he deserves to hold in the affections of the British people. She has brought to life with her fine command of language and lively prose a forgotten British hero.
- Nicholas Parsons -

This biography of Brigadier General Richard Kane covers his early life in Ulster, his military career under William III and Marlborough, and his long governorship of Minorca, ceded to Great Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht. The expedition to Canada in 1711, the takeover of Dunkirk in 1712, and the defence of Gibraltar in 1725 are covered in detail.
Includes his "Discipline for Batallion of Foot." and his "Discipline for a Regiment upon Action and the Most Essential Discipline of the Cavalry".
352 pages, with illustrations (20 B/W, 2 full colour)

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